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Il tuo 5x1000 è Importante

Cos’è il 5×1000?

Il 5×1000 è una quota dell’imposta IRPEF che lo Stato italiano distribuisce tra enti che svolgono attività socialmente rilevanti.

Il cittadino decide liberamente a chi donare il suo 5×1000 durante la Dichiarazione dei Redditi, donazione che comunque sarebbe chiamato ad effettuare qualora non decidesse a priori a chi destinarlo.

Il 5×1000 non toglie nulla al singolo cittadino, ma regala una speranza a tutte quelle Associazioni che si impegnano quotidianamente per migliorare la qualità della vita in Italia e fanno sì che la Ricerca possa andare avanti.

Quest’anno accendi una speranza per Desmoid Foundation donandoci il tuo 5×1000:

Firma nella casella del “Sostegno del volontariato e delle altre organizzazioni non lucrative di utilità sociale” ed inserisci il nostro codice fiscale: 97833170158

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Desmoid Foundation ONLUS

Become a Volunteer

Each in his own small way can create an important piece that, together with the teamwork of the others, will form the foundations of our Association.
Join us: we need your support to move forward, start new projects, reach new goals.

Become a VOLUNTEER: Do you want to organize a disease dissemination event? A fundraiser? A market? Do you have an idea to propose? Do you have skills to make available to the Association? We’re waiting for you!!!

Together we can go far … and feel less alone!

Nobody can whistle a symphony alone; it takes an entire orchestra to reproduce it!

Fundraising for Onlus


More than 45 million people send birthday wishes to Facebook. every day. For this reason, the most famous Social Network in the world has decided to make their birthday even more special, allowing people to start a fundraiser to be allocated to a non-profit organization.

Do you want to create a fundraiser on Facebook? Here’s how it works.

Two weeks before your birthday, you will see a message on your Facebook home that allows you to start the fundraiser by following a few simple steps. Your friends will receive a notification inviting them to support your collection by making a donation.
Visit our Facebook page and stay updated on our activities: all the money we receive is donated to research and public awareness on the topic of Desmoid Cancer and Gardner’s Syndrome.

Tax benefits

Do you know that by donating to our ONLUS you can take advantage of tax benefits?

Find out what benefits you can get by supporting the Desmoid Foundation!

The Italian Desmoid Tumor Association is an ONLUS, a non-profit organization of social utility, recognized pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 460/1997. Donations are deductible to the extent allowed by law provided they are traceable and therefore carried out through the following methods:

bank transfers, payments in postal current account, credit or prepaid cards, bank drafts or bank checks bearing the “non-transferable” clause and registered to: DF-DESMOID FOUNDATION – ITALIAN TUMOR ASSOCIATION DESMOIDE ONLUS.

Tax benefits for individuals

Donations in cash or in kind are deductible. Individuals can therefore choose between two solutions:

  • deduct the amount to 30% – for a maximum of € 30,000 of donation –
  • deduct the amount donated without absolute limit but within 10% of the total declared income.

Deduction or detraction? What is the best solution?

The choice between deduction and detraction remains with the person and must be made at the time of the tax return. Generally, those with an income greater than 30,000 euros / year have a greater advantage in using the deduction. As for companies, in case of deduction application, for the tax payer it will be possible to bring to the future statements the part of deduction not taken.
In any case, if you have doubts you can contact your accountant who will advise you in the best way and give you all the necessary information.

Tax benefits for companies

Companies can deduct the amount donated in cash or in kind without an absolute limit, but within 10% of the total declared income. Still within the limit of 10%, if the deduction exceeds the value of the total income declared net of other deductions, the part of deduction not taken can be reported in the subsequent declarations, up to the fourth subsequent tax period (for example: a donation made in 2019 can be discounted even up to 2024). For the donor company, the liberal payment follows the cash principle.

Normative references: for further information art. 83 and 104, paragraph 2, Legislative Decree 117/17.

ATTENTION: payments made as social security contributions are not deductible or deductible. Donations not tracked or made in cash are not deductible or deductible (it is mandatory to trace them by bank, post, current account, credit card or prepaid card).