The mission of our Association is to support you throughout the diagnostic and therapeutic process even psychologically thanks to the presence of professionals who work alongside with our Association and also thanks to our great FAMILY OF PATIENTS: a real community. Consider that the first steps, in the management of this diagnosis, are the most delicate and the most important: We know it well because we walked this path before You.


Desmoid Tumor

Get to know him

Learn as much as you can about desmoid tumors to ensure that you get the best care possible. Take awareness of this pathology: it will help you manage it and choose more serenely the best for your future.

Our Association is committed to producing one of the richest bibliographies rconcerning this tumor, also thanks to the help of great pathology specialists. We advise you to visit the section of our website dedicated to Desmoid Tumor and have your family doctor also view its contents, in order to inform him/her about the peculiarities of this rare Tumor.

The first step is proper training

Help us help you

Find a Medical Specialist
You must find the right doctor who can help you, choosing what is best for You. Please believe it, is essential: not every excellent oncologist or surgeon can treat a desmoid tumor. Choose the Specialist Center closest to you.
Work with scientific research
We have a great need, worldwide, to gather information on this disease, on the personal experience of each patient to understand the behavior of this tumor. Check out our patient register!
Stay up to date
Receive information on scientific evidence, cures or treatments, clinical trials, new drug therapies. Become a MEMBER and subscribe to the NEWSLETTER of the Desmoid Foundation to be always updated.
Join our events
Join our patients’ events: you will have the opportunity to get in touch and get to know many other patients and ask questions to the experts who will participate. Sharing made us feel stronger and more united!
Join our Big Family

Connect with other patients

We are very proud of the great Family of Patients patients that revolves around our Association: we believe it is important to find a “protected place” where to find support, talk, confront and let off steam. We have lots of social active channels… on all social networks: JOIN US!

Join the facebook CLOSED GROUP Facebook DESMOID TUMOR AND AGGRESSIVE FIBROMATOSIS : it is a group accessible ONLY to patients and their closest family members. Confronting yourself with others is important: from the experience of those who live with this disease for years, you will collect advice, indications, information, know the life experiences of those who faced before You this tumor and it will also be important as a psychological support: sharing is the first step to face the disease!

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The support that the Association offers to patients to better address them

The Amica Line

if what we have recommended so far wasn’t enough: if you still need help, the Association is by your side! The Desmoid Foundation offers you a support and guidance service in the diagnosis and treatment of Desmoid Tumor: LA AMICA LINE. A trained and trained volunteer will be by your side to understand how best to guide you in your choices, providing you with all the information availablei!

The number is always ACTIVE:: if he does not answer immediately … have a little patience: our volunteer will call you back as soon as possible! Call the AMICA LINE: +39 351 8279997. Because the Desmoid Foundation is ALWAYS next to YOU!