Stories of Desmoid Cancer

Life stories

Sharing our stories is an important step for us patients: it helps us not to feel alone, to talk about emotions, teachings, life experiences. It is a fundamental step in the process of individual acceptance, not always easy to deal with. We all believe in the value of sharing and this is why we put our faces: : by exposing the lived, the fears, the physical and emotional pain.

“This are us, only some of us: we have in common the deep and courageous gaze of those who want to get up and react, and we share the fear against which we fight every day. Patients of all ages, from every part of Italy who live with a desmoid tumor every day, with smiles and tears and with its heavy inheritance”

Enrica Rossi, President of Desmoid Foundation

If you are a patient and want to tell us your story, your memories or simply what you feel can be useful to share with other patients, please share your story with us.